carmen + crystal

realistic ritual

the elara botanicals community believes in the power of ritual and the significance of self-care. we know that incorporating moments of ritual each day allows the mind to calm and the soul to unburden. our approach is simple – make it nice and make it just for you. whether you are treating yourself to a full in-home spa, taking ten minutes to apply a face mask, or simply lighting a candle and sipping tea, self-care should be a daily occurrence. your ritual is your movement, your words, your routine, and your time to love your own heart for all the beauty it creates and sets free into the world.


Carmen & Crystal in Repose


native naturals

this earth is our gift, and full of medicinal plants that grow in our own backyard. we believe in celebrating the magic of pure plant ingredients, and create our products thoughtfully and respectfully. here in the skagit valley, we are blessed with an endless variety of ingredients that heal, fortify, defend, and support our cells to reveal our most luminous selves. our devotion is to continue delivering the enchanted, curative properties of the pnw’s botanicals to you.

Carmen and Crystal in Fiesta


carmen & crystal