bath ritual set

bath ritual set

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 :transform routine into ritual:


                  ritual guide: bathe


this is the time for you. light the candle, start the tub (or foot bath), pour a handful of ‘golden milk’ bath soak with any other accompaniment (epsom salt, flowers, herbs) into the water, and grab your favorite herbal beverage. settle in. this bath ritual set is intended for you to take the time to tune into yourself.

after a relaxing and purifying submersion, generously slather your warm, damp skin with ‘moon beam’ moisture melt. pat or air dry.

now, all that is left is to snuggle up in your favorite cozies and drift off into dreamland.

:sweet dreams, water baby:


golden milk bath soak

our luxurious golden milk bath soak combines skin-softening wildcrafted oats, milk, and invigorating ginger. perfect for hydrating and softening skin.

 use: add any amount to warm bath water or foot soak. sit back, relax. enjoy with epsom salt

ingredients: sodium bicarbonate, powdered ginger*, powdered milky oats*, powdered milk*, tulsi holy basil essential oils*


moon beam body melt

your skin works to protect you. give it all the love it deserves.  this lux crème melts all over and will elevate your ritual while nourishing your beautiful skin. with a rich blend of nutrient oils and a delicate scent, moon beam will give your skin a healthy, heavenly glow. 

 use: slather from top to bottom (your globes to your moon) after bath or any time throughout your day for glow that is out of this world.

 ingredients: coconut oil*, castor oil*, hemp oil*, rose, chamomile, damask rose absolute, vitamin e oil



ambrosia travel candle

orange blossom + bergamot

 ingredients: soy wax, essential fragrance oils, cotton wick, recycled spanish glass

use: first burn – allow candle to burn for 4 hours on the first burn, so melted wax meets the glass. always burn within sight, never near flammable items, away from children and pets.