face ritual set
face ritual set
face ritual set

face ritual set

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:transform routine into ritual:


                               ritual guide: face


there are at least two opportunities every day to show your skin and face the gratitude it deserves:  morning, night, or anytime in between.


when you wake, splash some water on your face to wash the sleep away. start giving thanks by generously misting ‘sisterhood of the rose’ facial spray over clean face and neck. enjoy opening your heart chakra and grounding into mother earth. take a moment to look yourself in the mirror and say ‘i love you’. warm several golden beads of ‘dewdrop’ face oil into the palms of your hands. press your hands onto your face, distributing the oil evenly. continue moving forward with your daily ritual feeling connected to yourself.


round out your skincare ritual in the morning or evening by applying a thick or thin layer of ‘salt of the earth’ clay mask to a clean face and neck 2-3 times a week. while the mask is doing its magic, sink into a bath, do a guided meditation, or make a gratitude list. anything that brings you into the present moment. after the mask is dry, wipe and rinse away with a warm, wet, natural cloth. follow with facial spray and oil.


* spritz ‘sisterhood of the rose’ throughout your day to come back to this space anytime. it will give your face and soul a refreshing glow.

sisterhood of the rose face spray

refreshing, soothing rose facial mist. rosewater + neroli + bergamot brought together (at last!) with delicate oils to revitalize and energize, adding to your radiance. use on bare skin to tone and prep for the rest of your skincare routine or mist over anytime to add a refreshing glow.

glow get ‘em.

use: shake and spray all day. it’s a lifestyle. that jingling you hear? rose quartz crystals to mix up all the love. 

Ingredients: distilled h2o, rosewater*, witch hazel*, aloe Vera juice*, rose essential oils. (turkish rose oil)*, bitter orange (neroli) essential oils.*, bergamot essential oils*


dewdrop face oil

oh. my. this face oil falls from the clouds above and right onto your sweet, smiling cheeks. ponderosa pine, clary sage and carrot seed oil help protect your skin. use year round for a glowing touch. we use it in the am to pm.
use: apply 2-3 drops to cleansed and toned skin. massage in as a leave-on treatment. perfect addition to your skin care routine.
ingredients: clary sage infused olive oil*, ponderosa pine tar resin*, walnut oil*, palma rosa essential oils. *, ylang ylang essential oils*


salt-of-the-earth clay mask

our unique combo of rhassoul clay (unearthed from the fertile atlas mountains in morocco), white kaolin clay (effective for pulling impurities to the surface and gently stimulating circulation), sea kelp (harvested in protected portions of the pacific ocean) and french sea salt is here to cleans your pores, tighten + even skin tone, reduce blemishes and reveal your natural glow. paint on, relax, let mama earth take care of the rest.

instructions: sprinkle a small amount of clay into your favorite little bowl and mix with clean water or steeped tea. paint on your face with a brush or fingertips. allow to dry. feel the clay tighten your pores. gently remove with a damp washcloth.

shine on.

ingredients: rhassoul clay, white kaolin clay, organic kelp powder, french sea salt