space ritual set
space ritual set
space ritual set

space ritual set

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:transform routine into ritual:


ritual guide: space


it is always a good time to connect and invigorate your space.  you may choose the warmth and glow of ‘nap in the meadow’ candle, a spritz or two of energizing room spray, or a cleansing smudge. your connection to the present moment is a gift. so, take a few deep breaths, pick your instrument, and witness the magic in the here and now.  


*using your smudge: visit each room to awaken the energy present. after, head to your altar or favorite space and place your smudge into a fireproof bowl or shell. burn a candle, set an intention, and then light the smudge using the candle. blow it out so the embers are glowing. we suggest using a small piece of the smudge. not only to show respect to the plant, but to intimately connect with each individual section. plus, it will last much longer and won’t make a mess.


nap in the meadow candle

sweetgrass + white tea

ingredients: soy wax, essential fragrance oils, cotton wick, recycled spanish glass

use: first burn – allow candle to burn for 4 hours on the first burn, so melted wax meets the glass. always burn within sight, never near flammable items, away from children and pets.

spa room spray

eucalyptus + mint

our room spray imparts a light pleasant aroma in any room, closet, drawer or car. this comforting blend of natural botanicals and pure essential oils make for a soft scent that evenly dissipates throughout your living space. for your space, not your face

use: spray 1-2 pumps into the air of any room.